Custom Pet Portraiture and Animal Art


Karla K. Cook, Artist

"To whom much is given, much is expected".

I hold the view that my ability to capture the essence of an animal on canvas or paper is a gift.

Due to this, I have in the past donated custom pet portraits to animal charities such as MSPCA Nevins Farm, Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England, the House Rabbit Network, and the Sight Hound Club of NY. Unfortunately, the down side of this donation is that it undervalues my work, as people want to get 'a bargain'. It is now my policy that if a charity wants to purchase a custom animal portrait for the full price, I will donate 50% of that price back to the charity, and they can sell it for whatever amount they choose. I found that I was spending my time and energy creating many 'free' portraits.

HOWEVER, I strongly believe in animal rescue and continue to support my local shelters. 10% of the total cost of every sale from this website, and my companion website is donated back to rescue organizations. If the buyer does not have a favorite rescue organization, my default is the MSPCA Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA.

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